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About selfservicecafe

It' has been my passion to help others in the best way possible. Providing information and direction to empower individuals, that has been what is most important and enjoyable to me.

At YOUR Service …

'At YOUR Service ...


What success is …
“If you give an individual a fish,
 you feed him/her but for a day,
but if you teach an individual to fish,
 you feed him/her & their loved ones
for a lifetime!”
Unless we can inform, educate and empower others towards the end of achieving self-sufficiency, the services we collectively offer will prove to be no more than a ‘band aid’.
Self-service Cafe seeks to provide ‘direct’ access to information, education, opportunities and resources that are of vital interest or need to New Jersey residents.  If you provide such services or wish to request or suggest any such services, please let us know:
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Welcome to the ‘Self-Service Cafe’ …



Self-Service Cafe is an info site containing helpful resources as a directory for New Jersey residents.

We invite any agency and/or individual having valid and valuable info, regarding services or referrals, to use this site to post your notices and/or announcements.  

You are welcomed to request the ability to post as a ‘contributor’ or may ‘request to have your information posted/update by us’, in order to advertise, announce or publish on this site.

This is a totally free service for the benefit of  New Jersey residents.

So come on in, sit back, relax and tour the site of the ‘Self-Service Cafe’!

Thank You … for your visit. Hope you’ll come again and again … !



Note: Please include contact info so that the info may be verified. False or unverifiable info will be deleted.



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